All About Angel Investing

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Band of Angels

Brian Frenzel is an entrepreneur and investor based in San Francisco, California. Having worked at the highest levels of management in several successful businesses, Brian Frenzel joined the Band of Angels, an elite group of angel investors located in Menlo Park California, to provide capital to early stage, life science and high tech ventures.

Angel investors, known simply as angels, invest into start-ups with large upside potential. Although angel investing is one of the oldest forms of business funding, only a select group of businesses receive funding from sophisticated groups like the Band of Angels each year. Angel investors tend to seek companies that can grow on a large scale, and they look for opportunities that carry the promise of very high financial returns.

In addition to providing funding, angel investors can offer the benefit of their business experience and network of contacts to help young entrepreneurs and early stage companies. Having their own money on the line, angel investors have a strong motivation to see each of their investments succeed.


Acute Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury

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Biotechnology executive Brian Frenzel is a director at SanBio, Inc., a cell therapy developer focusing primarily on neurodegenerative diseases. Under the leadership of Brian Frenzel, SanBio, Inc. has initiated research and development projects into traumatic brain injury (TBI).

TBI is a serious medical problem that can result in disability and death. Acute treatment following TBI usually focuses on life support and reducing secondary injuries that can arise from altered brain function. For example, physicians may insert a device in the brain cavity to stabilize intracranial pressure, or they may place the patient in a medically induced coma to minimize agitation. Acute treatments may also include mood stabilizers such as carbamazapine which can be used to control agitation, while atypical antidepressants such as amitryptyline can mitigate certain aggressive behaviors.

Other than physical therapy, there currently is no effective treatment for long term disability resulting from TBI. SanBio is developing a cell therapy product derived from mesenchymal stem cells to help patients recover from TBI disability. The product, known as SB623, is currently undergoing clinical studies in the US and Japan.